Wood-aluminum joinery represents an almost perfect fusion of the natural quality of wood and the strength provided by aluminum itself. We also achieve the warmth that is essential for the spaces in which we live and work.

Wood-aluminum windows can be confidently described as the perfect product for glazing spaces. Windows are one of the most crucial elements of our homes. They provide warmth and protect against external influences – sun, rain, and moisture.

Windows are not purchased daily, so making the right choice during their purchase is imperative.

Wood-aluminum joinery fully meets the increasing demands of modern construction. Aluminum is located on the exterior side of the joinery, and it is resistant to external atmospheric conditions.

This protects the natural wood located on the interior side of the joinery, which radiates natural warmth and beautifies the space we inhabit. During window production, we ensure that the significant thermal expansions provided by the aluminum, which are exposed to extreme temperatures, are accepted as they are.

These expansions are further amortized, thereby not adversely affecting the quality of the window itself.

The connection between the external part of the window made of aluminum and the internal part made of wood is established by PVC connectors. These connectors join the two elements, and they do not transfer any existing mutual stresses. This results in a reliable and secure connection where the aluminum slides on the connectors, independent of any changes in the wood itself.

We can confidently say this leaves no negative effects on the windows, thereby granting them a very long lifespan. The wood on the windows is finally stained and varnished in the desired color of the customer.

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